eBook Formatting Made Easy!

Simply provide us with your Word file, and we’ll create your eBook, which includes:

We will format your eBook to function perfectly across all key publishing platforms, including Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple, and B&N.
We promise your formatted eBook will be accepted and approved by whichever platform you choose, or we won’t charge you. We have experience formatting for all of the major eBook publishers and we know the ins and outs of each one!
eBook formatting is an entirely different animal than print book formatting. Due to the various options readers have to change their font style, size, etc on their reading devices, it is not possible to set your type exactly the way you want it as you would with your print book. We can, however, retain basic formatting such as underlining, italicizing, and bolding of text.
Hyperlinks are a powerful way to cross-promote your books and link readers to your website and social media accounts. We ensure active hyperlink insertion in every eBook we format.
We know how important front matter is to a functional eBook. Each eBook we format includes a linked table of contents, a title page or frontispiece, and a copyright page. We can also insert maps, epigraphs, and acknowledgements with ease.
We guarantee a functional and fully-linked table of contents at the beginning of your eBook that links to each individual chapter, glossary, and any additional section you would like.

Testimonials from Authors

Hear what other authors are saying about their eBook formatting through Wayword Author Services

I tried formatting my novel for e-Readers myself, but found it to be a struggle that took me way too much time for a result that I was not satisfied with. The team at Wayword Author Services turned my novel into an ebook quickly, and I was more than satisfied with the result!
Jackie Shemwell
As my book has several graphics included on the interiors, including maps and illustrations, I wanted to have my book professionally formatted for Kindle. Wayword Author Services exceeded my expectations – even suggesting additional content be added that has ultimately brought me higher sales and reviews. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again!
J.D. Lakey