The Black Bead Chronicles, first editions

The Black Bead Chronicles is a YA science fiction series. It is set on a fictional planet in which the inhabitants live under domes to survive the massive predators that dominate the ecosystem. Though the humans live in harmony with the environment and their day-to-day lifestyle may seem primitive to some, they are actually quite technologically advanced. [...]

The Devil in Canaan Parish

Author Jackie Shemwell wanted to capture the suspenseful mood of her southern gothic novel The Devil in Canaan Parish. In the story, a young upperclass southern couple in Louisiana are haunted by an evil presence. It is based on a cajun folktale, which is woven into the storyline. The book's original cover was an old [...]

The Black Bead Chronicles, second editions

Author J.D. Lakey wanted to redesign the covers of the first three books of The Black Bead Chronicles so that they would appeal to a wider audience. They are science fiction books, written to be appropriate for all ages, with enough to entertain the YA readers and older fans as well. Before we cracked open [...]