Project Description

Author Jackie Shemwell wanted to capture the suspenseful mood of her southern gothic novel The Devil in Canaan Parish. In the story, a young upperclass southern couple in Louisiana are haunted by an evil presence. It is based on a cajun folktale, which is woven into the storyline.

The book’s original cover was an old photograph of an Acadian-style house, which is typical in the area of Louisiana where the story takes place. But we wanted the cover to pop much more and felt the black and white image alone did not achieve that. To give the cover the contrast and tension appropriate for a suspense novel, we overlaid white and red text atop a dark background for the title, leaving only the word “devil” in red. Silhouetted bushes and trees were also added to give the reader the sense that they are peeking into a creepy old house in a clearing.

Although we received positive feedback from readers about the cover change, we eventually decided to revise the cover again to include an illustration of the Acadian-style house in the clearing, this time adding the figure of a man in the foreground.

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