The title page of your book is your chance to communicate visually what your book is about. It is your book's visual introduction. A strong title page will pull in your reader.

Title Page Design

The title page sets the visual tone for your book. We make sure the typography, positioning, and visual elements work in unison to portray your story’s title and essence succinctly and beautifully.

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Elements such images and pull-quotes add visual interest to your book, and front matter such as epigraphs, acknowledgements, and your table of contents should be impeccably typeset.

Maps, epigraphs, and TOC's

We make sure your images are balanced nicely with the text, and that your front matter is set to stylistically complement your front cover and title page. These visual elements continue to build confidence in your reader that your novel will be as well-written as it is designed.

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From proper font size and line spacing, to margin widths, page numbering, and running headers and footers, a well-designed interior will allow your words to remain the focus of your reader.

Flow Your Text Beautifully

Our book design professionals will typeset your writings so that it flows clearly and beautifully across the page, ensuring legibility and a positive experience for your readers.

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