Meet The Team

Meet Our Fantastic Team of Indie Book Publishing Heroes

Dylan Drake

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Self-Publishing Whiz. With 15+ years experience in book publishing, she got her start working for Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader where she would scour the world for odd stories that were perfect for the books. After that she worked as an assistant buyer for a major book distribution company, then moved to marketing for publishing imprints such as Thunder Bay Press and Silver Dolphin Books. Her time as product manager at Silver Dolphin books made her realize that she wanted to pursue her passion in graphic design so that she could work on the creative side of book publishing. She went back to school and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media, and started her own independent design company. Focusing on book design is her true calling, and her passion is working with independent authors to help them make their books the best they can be visually, both inside and out.

Tomas Cortijo Colomer

Business development expert, sales sorcerer, and data analytics expert, Tomas has helped our authors run their marketing campaigns to achieve real results. His background in online and out-of-home gaming taught him how to capture the imagination of an audience and find new undiscovered markets for a product. He is thrilled to bring this knowledge to Wayword Author Services to help independent authors find creative ways to sell their books.

Joanne Drake

Our resident editor, Joanne has been an avid reader and writer all of her life. She has 40 years of experience proofreading and editing manuscripts independently, which she began to do as favors for her fellow writers and through writer’s groups and workshops she has attended over the years. Joanne’s passion is helping writers find their voice and express themselves in their own unique way. Her talent is reading an initial draft, finding the strengths and flaws, and helping writers world build and draw in-depth characters.